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Visitors to the German Pavilion will embark on an emotional and multisensory journey that will provide them with a vision of what life could be like in a circular society.
The exhibition experience targets the Japanese public. In fact, around 90% of the expected visitors will come from Japan itself.
The exhibition is designed to be barrier-free and inclusive.
The Pavilion’s playful exhibits have been carefully designed to create an immersive experience for both individual and group visitors, an approach that has proven successful at past Expos.


The exhibition’s concept is based on the following elements:

Literally translated, kawaii means “cute” or “lovable”.

The culture of cuteness aesthetics is so prominent in Japan that it can almost be considered a way of life.

It is particularly important to be able to convey complex issues revolving around the concept of a circular society. And learning happens best when it happens playfully.

The visitors should be inspired to lose themselves fully and holistically in the themes of our exhibition.
Every space and room in the German Pavilion will lend itself to an immersive experience.

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On their tour around the pavilion, visitors will be accompanied by little guides – the pavilion mascots.
The idea was inspired by Kawaii – the Japanese cuteness aesthetics.

They can be encountered in various guises, shapes and forms everywhere around the Pavilion, but primarily as speaking guides.

On their journey through Pavilion, they tell visitors about the Pavilion’s contents and explain what it means to live out the philosophy of a circular economy and do so the languages – German, Japanese or English.

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Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan