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“Oishii! Germany”

„Our passion, is to do everything possible so that family, friends and guests feel as comfortable as possible. Our unique projects aim to inspire people from all cultures to come together and exchange knowledge.“

Sebastian von Landsberg-Velen and Thomas Gottschlich, The Co-CEOs of 78degrees

78degrees GmbH won the tender issued by Koelnmesse on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. The restaurant named “Oishii! Germany” is a highlighted feature of the German Pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka. Besides operating “Oishii! Germany”, 78degrees is also responsible for VIP lounge catering and operating the souvenir shop “ Omiyage! Germany”.


Oishii! Germany
The Japanese word “oishii“ means “delicious” or “tasty” and is often used to describe the flavour of exceptional cuisine. “Oishii! Germany” blends traditional German hospitality with cosmopolitanism and the culinary diversity of the German states. The focus is on typical German specialities in all their facets, such as Berlin currywurst or Westphalian Pfefferpotthast – a spicy stew. The presentation is classical, the interpretation reinvented. As are the creative fusions between German and Japanese cuisine that blend the two cultures in a delightful culinary tradition. Special attention is paid to serve seasonal, local and fresh products. “Oishii! Germany” at Expo 2025 in Osaka is ecologically friendly and environmentally conscious. The use of energy-saving, organically grown food from regional sources minimises waste and ensures sustainability. Each ensemble of dishes is meticulously selected and prepared in compliance with the highest quality standards.


Oishii! Germany
The VIP Lounge offers all VIP guests a relaxed and exclusive ambient. Here, the aim is to present the diversity of Germany by reflecting famous German quality and “Gemütlichkeit” culture. A carefully selected variety of German beer and wine alongside with coffee and tea specialities awaits VIP Lounge guests. Their culinary experience is exquisitely augmented by offering German canapés to introduce guests to the variety and sophistication of German cuisine. The bread and baguettes, for example, are baked in-house to minimize the degree of mechanical processing.


Souvenir Shop:
Omiyage! Germany
In Japanese, “omiyage” means presents that travellers bring back to their friends, family members and colleagues as a token of appreciation. For this reason, the Pavilion Souvenir Shop focuses on high-quality, typically German and pavilion-related products with a special appeal to Japanese but also to international visitors. Across a range of porcelain, accessories, German beer glases and Christmas ornaments, “Omiyage! Germany” leaves no wish unfulfilled. Particular attention is paid to ensure that the classic German souvenirs are also “Made in Germany.”


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Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan